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Va Va Voom – The Modern Sex Sells Experiment

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Elenarts / Shutterstock.com

Va Va Voom! is as sexy as they come in the world of advertising catchphrases. Ever since it was first spoken by the charismatic French goal machine Monsieur Thierry Henry for Renault it has been an advertiser’s dream come true.

Its back, it’s sexy and it knows it but this time its providing us an insight into who finds sex more interesting… Men or Women. Continue reading Va Va Voom – The Modern Sex Sells Experiment


Shutterstock’s 2013 Image Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]

Shuterstock have produced their annual Image trends infographic. Interesting highlights the growth in 3D imagery and also the importance of events on national trends. The UK’s main inspiration seems to have been influenced by a couple of big events in 2012… can’t imagine what they were. Nope. Not a clue. Continue reading Shutterstock’s 2013 Image Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Growing Impact of Social Media

We all know that Social Media is impacting our lives, but how much time are we dedicating to it? This great infographic (from http://visual.ly/growing-impact-social-media) also shows how internet TV and online offerings are changing our daily habits. Continue reading The Growing Impact of Social Media

How Great Britain was formed – [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you ever wondered how England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland came together? How the United Kingdom is shaped or why the Union Jack looks like it does? I’ve come across a great infographic (from http://sa-la.jp/2012/difference-between-the-uk-gb-and-england) which will quell your curiosity for now.  Continue reading How Great Britain was formed – [INFOGRAPHIC]


Ever since man first put camera’s in the hands of the willing public, personal pain or anguish has been met with both a sound of ‘Oooooooh’ and pure joy. Today, these events can be found on both YouTube and through the world of Social Media. The later presents us with this week’s infographic, courtesy of creative agency MDG Advertising.

The beauty of fails through Social Media are that they are the result of the individual themselves, it therefore in this blogger’s opinion, increases its #FAIL potential! Continue reading Social Media #FAILS [#INFOGRAPHIC]

How much does SEO cost? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ever wanted to know what the average company with 10 employees pays for their website’s SEO? Well want no more, here is an infographic which comes from Search Engine Land which compares different company sizes from different nations around the world and their SEO spend. Continue reading How much does SEO cost? [INFOGRAPHIC]