Should I use a QR code this Christmas?

QR codes were viewed by many as the quick way to convert people’s advertising experience into a digital one. Mouse mates, ads and event running shoes adorned the pixel wonder. Have we finally got rid of them or are we seeing a new wave? Continue reading Should I use a QR code this Christmas?

The death of the natives? A progressive shift for apps, web & marketers

Can mobile web provide an alternative to the dominant platform in the mobile market?


“Native apps are specific to a given mobile platform (iOS or Android) using the development tools and language that the respective platform supports (e.g., Xcode and Objective-C with iOS, Eclipse and Java with Android).” (Korf and Oksman, 2015)

Since the rise of the smartphone, native apps have been a core component and have taken the world by storm. As Korf and Oksman state, ‘Native apps look and perform the best’ . Consumers clearly agree; in 2015 alone there were 75 billion apps downloaded across Android and iOS . These numbers have been generated across Google Play which currently has 2,140,655 apps and iTunes AppStore with a further 1,400,000+ apps . These numbers are only set to increase considering the growth in cheap smartphones entering the market will enable market access to an entire generation who are on the bottom end of the social mobility ladder. The market is growing and the technological framework is increasing to meet its demands. But can mobile web provide an alternative to this dominate format?

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

Unlike HTML5 and Hybrid applications which use web elements inside app frameworks, progressive web applications are websites which through code can become applications. The website is built with commands that the browser can recognise which will enable it to perform functions which users have come to know and love about apps. These rules are outlined in the extensible web manifesto built in partnership between Mozilla, Opera, and Google Chrome among others. Continue reading The death of the natives? A progressive shift for apps, web & marketers

The Definitive Internet Trends Report By KPCB

KPCB have recently released their Internet Trends Report for 2014 and the results are staggering. Key points include a global slowing down of internet and smartphone take up but an astronomical rise in both usage and ownership of tablet devices.  Continue reading The Definitive Internet Trends Report By KPCB

2014 Gunn Show Challenge

This year I agreed to take part in the Amsterdam marathon on the 19th October. I’ve decided to do this as I have always wanted to try it, but to also shift, wait for it… weight. In this post you’ll see some of the challenges I’m putting myself through and see a live tracker of my weight loss… got to love tech! Continue reading 2014 Gunn Show Challenge

TPOnline 2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,400 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 23 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Ads that show the beauty of the African spirit

Often adverts featuring Africa portrait the continent in strife and in need of donations. The truth is harsh and for many parts, the pain and suffering belies belief. But Africa is not the sick cousin which we must look down upon, it’s spirit must be cherished, it’s embrace is to behold and it’s warmth radiate across the globe to keep us warm in these cold dark months.

Although this post is of two adverts, I’m just delighted to see two brands who have understood the passion for life that fills the continent.

So sit back, watch, smile, rejoice in the effortless cool and let your chin quiver. Continue reading Ads that show the beauty of the African spirit

An Advertiser’s Guide to Ad Viewability [INFOGRAPHIC]

Recently, the team at Infectious Media have been listed as the fastest growing UK company by Deloitte’s Fast 50. It is clear that their understanding of how users interact with advertising creative has been at the heart of this. The World of Real Time Bidding is changing the entire advertising paradigm and with growth of over 9000%, its clear that they are quickly becoming the dominant player in the space. Continue reading An Advertiser’s Guide to Ad Viewability [INFOGRAPHIC]

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